Cassava is a root with a high energy value, minerals and B-complex vitamins. For those who appreciate products of excellence and benefits for health, cassava is the right choice.

In addition to other benefits, cassava has anti-inflammatory action, prevents osteoporosis, is antioxidant, improves skin health, ideal for diets without gluten and is beneficial for the heart.

Cassava can be used in different types of food such as puree, baked in the oven, salads, bread, snacks and soup.

Atlantico UK offers a range of products that come from cassava, such as the famous Brazilian cheesebread , cassava sticks, cassava biscuits, tapioca, cassava flour,cassava crumbs, sweet tapioca powder and sour tapioca flour.

Stand out from your competitors and offer your customers a careful selection of food, taking into consideration their needs and their constant concern with health and well-being.

It is very important to offer products with natural formulation, preferably with less additives and preservatives.

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