Compal was set up in 1952 in Entroncamento, Portugal and began by concentrating on the tomato industry later expanding into other areas. In 1986 Compal relaunches it self and sets out a development plan to boost investment and production.

In 1993 it returns to the private sector. When celebrating 50 years it launches new packaging and a new visual.

Over the years many factors have led to a gradual increase in the demand for more nutritional drinks.

Consumers are becoming better informed and more aware of the need to consume products that combine both pleasure and health, at a time when the pace of life is so fast.

So these factors together with a growing concern for a balanced body have led to growth in the choice of more traditional juices and nectars, as well as new-styles of drinks, among them the ‘lights’, and drinks with added vitamins or nutrients to complement the diet.

COMPAL has a wide range of well known nutritional products, available in a variety of containers and flavours, some with added nutrients that provide a healthy, pleasant choice at any time of the day.

At the western edge of Europe, there is a fertile sunny land that has been inhabited for centuries by different people who saw everything they planted there flourish. This is where their great passion for fruit comes from. Today they travel the world seeking the best fruit to deliver its true flavour in every drop of Compal juices.

The dedication of the people working the orchards, the passion of those who create new recipes and combinations, it all adds to the knowledge they call Fruitology!

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