Confibor – Convento da Serra

Cultivated in Alto Alentejo for centuries, the variety of plum “Queen Claudia Green” acquired its own characteristics, due to the ecological conditions of the region, which make it different from that produced in other regions. This perfect adaptation to the soil and climate of the region made it possible to cultivate virtually without requiring the use of pesticides, meeting most of the orchards in perfect ecological balance.

Conditioned by the requirements in cold during the winter and heat during fruit maturation, culture is naturally bounded to some municipalities of Alto Alentejo, where you can produce the quality required for the transformation. It is only in this region that the fruits certificates are produced with the Designation of Origin Plums D’ELVAS.

Since the time of Henry the Navigator, the plums are confit d’Elvas in this region, one of the oldest products of traditional Portuguese sweets. First in the convents of nuns, where they left only for festive seasons and wealthy tables, then from 1830 in small cottage industries, conquering the most demanding markets worldwide.

Still in the century. XIX the “Elvas plums” were recognized with over 200 awards and gold medals at international exhibitions attended.

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