The FABRIDOCE was founded in 1989, in the middle city of Aveiro, with pastry being the main branch. Like many bakeries in the region of Aveiro, FABRIDOCE is dedicated to the traditional sweets of the region, and the Soft Eggs brand image. With the continuous improvement and increased production, FABRIDOCE moves its facilities in 1992 to the Industrial Zone of Cacia, which still stands today, and focuses on production of various Portuguese dessert sweets. Starting in 2000, FABRIDOCE products in supermarkets have led the company to be one of the pioneers in the region of Aveiro, to consider the Food Safety System. Lately, while laboring with about thirty specialized operators FABRIDOCE has focused on the introduction of various equipment, many purposely designed to improve working conditions and maintain the traditional features that they strive to keep. Today, FABRIDOCE is governed by the motto “Innovate keeping the tradition” These simple words identify the development of traditional know-how over the years.

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