HM Caneira

The pig roasting tradition in Negrais goes back in time, long before the company H.M. Caneira was founded (1987), embodying the family knowledge, that dates half a century back.
Always aiming at quality and excellence in its production, H.M. Caneira keeps updated, in terms of its facilities, of the presentation of its ex-libris, the suckling pig, and in the constant creation of new and delicious products, that honour the popular traditional flavour.

Starting as a family artisanal business, H.M. Caneira progressed to a very modern company that uses the best technology and employs a large number of specialized workers, in constant training.
All the phases of the pig processing take place in our facilities, in order to guarantee quality through all the production line, from slaughter to roasting, packaging and sales.

Always aiming to please its customers, H. M. Caneira has strong implementation in the national market and widespread expansion in international markets, due to its pursuit of excellence in all its products.

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