Iberian Black Pig – Among Acorns and Grass

A premium, flavourful meat like no other: find the Iberian black pig. Among grass and acorns, this pig’s diet and breeding, makes it incomparable.

Alentejo pig breeding – as the Iberian Black Pig is specifically called in Portugal – is a rare example in the world regarding pork production and consumption. This is a domesticated breed that has adapted to a countryside environment where holm oaks and cork oaks are an abundant and a valued natural resource. Thereafter, an important aspect when we speak about flavour and health benefits.

The importance of the right Breeding

The pig is part of its habitat, roaming freely in search of food from the montado – what is named, in Portugal, a large area of land with holm oaks and cork oaks and where pigs graze. Acorns are the main ingredients of its diet, but also, grass, bugs and mushrooms. The secret also lies in the kilometres the pig travels to obtain food, interspersed with resting periods: important for the formation of healthy tissues. Fatty acids give the characteristic and pleasant flavour to black pig tissues and meat.

The Benefits of Iberian Black Pig in the diet

Benefit-wise, this is a protein of high biological value; it is rich in B vitamins that supports the human nervous system and reduces fatigue. Some cuts of pork have higher percentages of fat, such as bacon and belly meat, so depending on the person and their health, it will benefit even more to favour leaner cuts. It should also be noted that a characteristic of fresh pork is that it should have a pinkish colour and a thin, white layer of fat.

At Atlantico you can not only find quality charcuterie, but also fresh meat and offer your customer the opportunity to delight in this unique ingredient.

Find our Black Pig meat:

– Mixed meat for barbecue
– Ribs
– Cheeks

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