Jubileu was launched in 1982 to commemorate Imperial’s 50th anniversary. Imperial chose a brand name that reflected the celebration of the occasion.

To make the commemoration worthy of a company celebrating its 50th anniversary, they decided to develop an exclusive product: a chocolate bar with a layer of crunchy nougat inside. This was a completely innovative product and it is still unique and exclusive to Imperial even today. This was the first Jubileu chocolate to be launched.

In the 1980s and 90s, Jubileu was one of the most important Portuguese brands and is currently a favourite in the chocolate market. Jubileu is a brand that makes original products, including chocolate bars with a variety of exotic flavours and a range of dark chocolate specialities – 85% cacao, salt flower, caramelised cocoa nibs and rose pepper.

Jubileu is considered one of the best brands of chocolate-covered nuts in Europe.

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