The Matinal brand appears in 1993, with the launch of the Selected Milk, positioning itself as a different brand.

With a careful design and an innovative packaging, elegant, functional and with identification codes that make it unique, Matinal creates its own space in the Portuguese market, assuming quality as a central association, both in products and in image. The signature “What’s Best” is the testimony of the quality of this selected milk, certified in both raw materials and production processes.

In addition to the quality certification, Matinal follows a policy of selective innovation, presenting value propositions capable of surprising an increasingly demanding consumer.

In 2017, the Light Matched Milk is launched. A milk with less lactose (2.5 g per 100 ml) and no fat, which is positioned as a premium milk intended mainly for a confident, sophisticated woman with an active lifestyle, both professional and personal, that gives priority to your well-being, your health and good choices … every day.

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