Minho Portuguese Wine Region – Where Vinho Verde Thrives

Minho Portuguese Wine Region

Minho is the northwest Portuguese wine region – on the Atlantic side. The influence of the ocean causes a large rainfall (1500mm / year), however, the climate is mild during the summer and it is common to rain at this time of the year. Soils are extremely acidic and consist mainly of granite: with the exception of two small strips that cross from northwest to south-east, one of “gravestone” and the other of schist.

Here grows a unique variety of wine named Vinho Verde – also a name for this region. Naturally light and fresh, this Portuguese wine is the second most exported, after Port wine.

Grape White varieties include Alvarinho, Arinto, Loureiro, Azal, Trajadura, Avesso.

The best Vinho Verde comes from Anselmo Mendes, Quinta da Aveleda, Casal Garcia e Adega de Monção.


Food Pairings

The vast majority of wines produced in Minho wine region are white. Wines that have a relatively clear colour, natural acidity, and floral and fruity aromas.

Although these wines are not formally classified as sparkling wines, they are slightly sparkling. The tasting notes of Vinho Verde are of lime, grapefruit, lemonade, white melon, and gooseberries.

Monção and Melgaço sub-regions produce fuller flavoured wines. These wines also have higher levels of alcohol than other types of vinho verde.

Fresh, young Vinho Verdes goes best with fresh, young cheeses, especially the goaty kind.

Some Vinho Verde from special vineyards or old vines have enough substance to withstand a few years of aging or to take on a buttery cow’s milk cheese.

Due to their high acidity and saline flavours, these wines also do well with salty cheeses.

Because it is a light wine, discreet, acid, and very refreshing it is perfect for the soft flavours of sushi.


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