Porminho was set up in 1984 by Alcino and Olinda Freitas, as a small scale commercial and industrial meats project, which has since grown in scale and, with the passing of a few years, has led to the setting up of the firm’s own slaughterhouse facility.

Three decades on from its foundation, Porminho, now with the second generation of the family on the Board, today stands out as a company with its own market positioning based on its own merit and the tenacity shown in seeking to win. The firm has expanded its market horizons and is currently present in almost all segments of clients nationally and has also marked its presence in diverse international markets on several different continents.

Porminho continues to grow in terms of recognition and inspiring trust and innovation alongside its commitment towards that which is fresh and healthy and with complete intransigence in defence of the quality associated with the organoleptic characteristics of its products. Additionally, the focus on providing each client, whenever and wherever, with the benefit of being able to assume that the brand represents the best option between cost and satisfaction.

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