Quinta dos Fumeiros

Aurora Miranda do Rego, born in Poiares, devoted her life to pig farming in a traditional, family manner. She always strived to produce meat products of highest quality earning appreciation from her family and friends who tasted her stuffed meat products.

This form of agricultural land use and animal farming started in 1988 when Mrs. do Rego’s son opened a local butchery. Due to an increasing number of clients and orders of meat products the need to expand the business arose. Thus, three of Mrs. do Rego daughters started a project of producing regional artisan stuffed meat products for a large number of traditional food lovers. Their main goal is to satisfy their costumers’ needs by delivering traditional products in accordance with all quality, hygiene and food safety standards.

The distinctive aroma of Quinta dos Fumeiros products enables you to relieve the past once more and brings you those unforgettable moments with your family and friends when only three things were necessary: good talk, good wine and, of course, good food.

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