In the heart of the countryside, not far from Lisbon, in the region of Torres Vedras, Queijo Saloio´s history began in a small farm where the owner transformed the milk of his own flock into delicious typical cheese using handcrafted methods. He used to say “excellent milk produces excellent cheese” and manufactured his cheese according to the handcrafted methods which origins are lost in the memory of the people from that region.

Queijo Saloio is governed according to the phrase “Excellence and rigor of our expertise and flavour”:

Excellence… Because they believe in the continuous effort to be the best at what they do and in the way they deliver their products.

Rigor… Because they are trustworthy and demanding professionals in everything they do, who are therefore compensated for that effort with the perception of value which is retained by their customer.

Expertise… Because they already are and continuously strive to be specialists in the business, preserving and capitalizing their expertise (of the market, the technology, the product and the process).

Flavour… Because it is the factor which stands out and the reason of their ongoing strive to satisfy the needs of their consumers in order for them to remember their products.

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