Shrimp – A Portuguese Sea Delicacy

Bathed by the Atlantic Ocean on the east and south coast, Portugal has a culture intrinsically linked to the sea. Fish and seafood have a strong presence in the country’s gastronomy. One of Portugal’s favourite delicacies is the shrimp.

Clams, cockles, lobster, crabs, squid, octopus, cuttlefish – wherever you go you will find seafood a bit all over Portugal, including in meat or more typical dishes from non coastal areas, such as Carne de Porco à Alentejana.

Famous worldwide, in Portugal shrimp is also part of the extensive seafood menu. Spread across several locations on the planet, the microclimate of each region confers organoleptic qualities that make it so special and appetizing. Some of the most appreciated species are the Wild Pink shrimp, the Tiger shrimp or the Carabineiro one.

They differ in size, country of origin, colour, flavour, texture and price. Overall, this crustacean is a complete protein source; low in calories; with B, D and E vitamins, not to mention Omega-3. One of the many reasons why the Mediterranean diet is so famous and recommended to improve and maintain health.

Atlantico sells a wide range of Shrimp. Not only from the Portuguese coastline but also from further seas, ones that bath Mozambique, Equador, Nigeria and more. Our portfolio is vast and flexible: for stores you might look for more affordable or practical options (unshelled) such as the wild pink shrimp or its core; to serve at an event you might look for the Carabineiro one; for a seafood feast or barbeque at your restaurant, you perhaps will want to look for the biggest sizes of the Tiger shrimp.

Find some of the differences between our Shrimp varieties:

  • Colour: the Wild Pink variety has a pale pink/coral colour, while the Tiger one has stripes. Carabineiro shrimp has an intense, red colour.
  • Size: Tiger and Carabineiro varieties are usually bigger.
  • Flavour: the Wild Pink Shrimp is milder. Tiger is pronounced. Carabineiro is intense.
  • Texture: the pink shrimp is soft, delicate. The tiger variety is denser, and while the Carabineiro is also dense, it is slightly softer than the previous one.
  • Price: the most common is the most accessible, that means the wild Pink variety wins the category. Rarer and distinct, the Tiger and Carabineiro shrimp will have a higher price.

Discover our shrimp range!

And a Portuguese Shrimp traditional recipe: Camarão ao Alho

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